Flame Breathing Rengoku – Laptop Skin (Anime)

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Ditch the worry, keep the beauty: Upgrade your skin with scratch-proof lamination - it's like an invisible force field for your laptop art.

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Unleash the Flame Breathing Fury: Kyojuro Rengoku Laptop Skin from Titan Troopers!

Embrace the Flame Hashira’s Power:
This blazing hot Kyojuro Rengoku Anime Laptop Skin kindles the Demon Slayer spirit in every one of us who dreams of Anime glory!You will be impressed by the dynamic show of Flame Hashira his own competence, that is presented by a picture where Rengoku is releasing his technique.

Crimson Kagura Brilliance:
The design captures the raw power and unwavering spirit of Rengoku with stunning details. Witness Rengoku in a fierce pose, flames erupting from his katana and his iconic flame tiger mark blazing on his head.

Unwavering Protection:
Guard your laptop from scratches with Titan Troopers’ durable, high-quality vinyl. Even a Demon Slayer like Rengoku needs some protection.

Hashira Flair:
Show your love for the thrilling world of Demon Slayer with this unique design. It’s a statement piece for fans who admire Rengoku’s unwavering determination and fiery spirit.

Transform Your Device:
Turn your ordinary laptop into a battlefield against demons! Let the Kyojuro Rengoku design spark conversations and ignite your passion for the Demon Slayer universe!

Visit Titan Troopers today to claim your Flame Breathing legacy: The Kyojuro Rengoku Laptop Skin!


Weight 92 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in

11.6 in (11.6 * 8 inch), 12.5 in (12.5 * 8.5 inch), 13.3 in (13 * 9 inch), 14.1 in (14.1 * 9.5 inch), 15.6 in (15 * 10 inch), 17 in (17 * 10.8 inch)

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