All Hashiras – Laptop Skin (Anime)

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Ditch the worry, keep the beauty: Upgrade your skin with scratch-proof lamination - it's like an invisible force field for your laptop art.

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Unite the Pillars: All Hashira Titan Troopers Anime Laptop Skin!

Bring the Demon Slayers Together:

This premium Titan Troopers Anime Laptop Skin unites all nine Hashira in one epic scene! Witness the combined might of the Demon Slayer Corps’ elite swordsmen.

Unwavering Protection:

Your laptop is extremely susceptible to scratches, so opt for the vinyl that is durable and of high quality.

Unmatched Detail:

Through the high-resolution printing technology, the colorful and clear designs are shown, thus, every Hashira’s uniqueness is illustrated.

Celebrate the Slayers:

Demon Slayer is your favorite anime series and you are proud of the all the Hashiras and their strong and brave character. The skin is an eye-catcher that can initiate a chat between fellow fans.

Transform Your Device:

Upgrade your standard laptop into the ultimate weapon against the darkness, with the Hashira being the allies in this fight.



Weight 92 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in

11.6 in (11.6 * 8 inch), 12.5 in (12.5 * 8.5 inch), 13.3 in (13 * 9 inch), 14.1 in (14.1 * 9.5 inch), 15.6 in (15 * 10 inch), 17 in (17 * 10.8 inch)

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