The Right Hand Men One Piece – Anime Wall Poster

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Loyalty and Might: The Titantroopers Presents the Right-Hand Men of One Piece Anime Poster!

Hi everyone One Piece fans and pirate crew lovers!

TitanTroopers captures the Right-Hand Men of One Piece Anime Poster by setting sail with them! This splendid poster combines the stories of the greatest first mates who have fought alongside some of the most dreadful pirates on the Grand Line.

Witness the Powerhouse Crew:

The Zoro’s, flawless, loyalty and master swordsmanship.

Silvers Rayleigh’s wisdom and ability to handle Haki like the legendary one.

Katakuri is an imposing and powerful character and the devil fruit skills he has which are clearly portrayed in the artistic details!

Ben Beckman’s baffling silence and no-one-can-beat-his-shooting skills.

The remarkable use of vibrant colors and dynamic lines emphasizes the incessant loyalty and the unsurpassed strength that is the essence of these legendary first mates.

Recreate the epic events from their travels and be motivated by the captain’s absolute devotion to the coach!

Built to Withstand the New World:

Ultra-built from high-grade 300 GSM glossy paper, this poster is designed to survive the roughest oceans (or moderate damage).

Invisible, yet durable, the fade-resistant and the right-hand men will continue to inspire you for years and years!

The Perfect Treasure for Any Room:

Make your bedroom a pirate captain’s quarters, add a dash of unshakeable loyalty to your living room or start discussions about the legendary crews in your office or gaming setup!

Become the Captain of Your Surroundings:

Every time you look at this awesome poster, you will be reminded of the significance of loyalty, the willingness to stand by someone, and the power of a strong crew. Let these famed first mates in the history be your an example to create your own legendary team!

Grab your Share of the Grand Line Now and

Do not miss your opportunity to possess this iconic anime memorabilia, which will be a one-of-a-kind artifact. Beat the diversity of One Piece Anime Poster and order the Right-Hand Men of One Piece today from Titantroopers and the cohesion of your walls will be conquered by the spirit of camaraderie!


Weight 130 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in

A3 (11.5 x 16.5)

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