Kakashi x Nine tails – Laptop Skin (Anime)

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Ditch the worry, keep the beauty: Upgrade your skin with scratch-proof lamination - it's like an invisible force field for your laptop art.

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Unleash the Power of the Sharingan and the Nine Tails: Kakashi & Kurama Laptop Skin from Titan Troopers!

Become the Hokage Who Sealed the Beast Within!
Kakashi & Kurama Laptop Skin raises the roof through its vibrant design that brings your love for the fascinating story of Naruto to life!It has a beautiful matted coloring which depicts a fight scene between Kakashi and Nine-Tails, the closeness of the two and how skilled Kakashi is in taming the beast.

Get Ready for Hidden Leaf Village’s Power!
In the design, Kakashi’s Sharingan and Kurama’s appearance slam together with the emphasis made on the bond between the two characters. Watch one more episode and see Kakashi in action applying his jutsu together with the chakra of Nine Tails.

Guarded by the Sharingan and the Nine Tails:
Protect your laptop from scratches with Titan Troopers’ durable, high-quality vinyl. Even the strongest ninja need some protection for their precious intel (your laptop)!

Sharingan & Nine Tails Statement:
Those who are fans of the action and adventures of the characters of Naruto and the relations between Kakashi and Kurama will to one side of this design. It’s a statement piece for those who dig Kakashi’s smart and loyal personality as well as the power handle he has being the jinchuriki of the Nine Tails.

Transform Your Device:
Take your plain ordinary and boring laptop and turn it into the epitome of power with this sleek and eye-catching design!Now what kind of discussion does the Kakashi & Kurama design inspire within you and what struggles of the Chunin Exam the journeys to become a Hokage?

Visit Titan Troopers today to claim your piece of the Naruto legacy: That’s right for fans of Kakashi and Kurama, there’s an anime laptop skin for your laptop or notebook!


Weight 92 g
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in

11.6 in (11.6 * 8 inch), 12.5 in (12.5 * 8.5 inch), 13.3 in (13 * 9 inch), 14.1 in (14.1 * 9.5 inch), 15.6 in (15 * 10 inch), 17 in (17 * 10.8 inch)

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